Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC, Neenah, WI


Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC offers the best window washing services available in the Neenah, WI area. Whether you need window cleaners for your home, apartment or business office, our professional window cleaners will make sure your glass is crystal clear. Many people spend countless hours of their limited time completing difficult and unpleasant window cleaning. They’re also risking their health. The dangers involved with climbing ladders and walking on roofs to clean windows, gutters, skylights, entry lights, etc. can be tremendously high if not done properly. Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC has experienced and professional cleaning technicians that use the best techniques and state of the art equipment in order to maximize safety and protect your home.


It’s a beautiful day outside. Can you enjoy it from the comfort of your kitchen or living room or are dirty windows creating an obstructed view? Windows are your gateway to the world outside. Your windows can brighten your day, both literally and metaphorically. However, that doesn’t unless you have and beautifully clean, clear windows. Let’s face it. Keeping your windows clean and the window screens sparkling isn’t at all easy and can even be dangerous. If you’re reluctant to climb a ladder to clean your windows, call Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC and we’ll do the job for you. You can order our window cleaning as an add-on service to our regular or deep cleaning or you can request Window Cleaning as an a la carte service.


Once your windows have been freshly cleaned, you don’t want to put back the same dirty screens and muck up the view again. That’s why Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC also offers our Window Screen Cleaning service. Our experts will remove your screens from the window and use a mixture of water and cleaning products to completely remove dust, dirt, and debris that has built up. Putting those screens back in is a tricky task and others might cause damage, but our years of experience make us experts. We will carefully fit the screens back onto the windows and ensure everything is securely in place and looking top-notch before finishing.


Water and glass do not form a happy duo. If your sprinklers have been overspraying, soaking your windows with Wisconsin hard water week after week, those windows that were once crystal clear might now be as easy to look through as a Coke bottle! Nothing is as tough on your windows as hard water. The typical hard water stain is too old for the traditional water and vinegar solution to actually work. The mineral deposits require much more for removal. If your windows can be cleaned, Fernando’s Cleaning Services LLC has the right cleaning formula and the special know how to do the job effectively. Save yourself time, effort and headache and give us a call!